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Non-surgical hair restoration used to be a secret, or even a joke. No one wanted others to know they wore added hair. Thankfully things are so different today. There are products available for every need, many are very affordable. However, it all can become overwhelming very quickly, and there are few professionals with the experience Chris has. Non-surgical hair restoration has finally come of age! For over 40 years, she has been providing new lives to those that suffer from hair loss. If you found this listing, and the address is an issue, remember that Chris sees clients from all over California, and even a few from different states, she is that good.

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Give yourself the gift of truly loving how you look. Non surgical hair restoration can change your life and how you feel about you! Have confidence that Chris will work hard to accommodate your needs, and unlike other providers, she has access to all available products, not just one company as most businesses in this field do.

You will find a seasoned professional that offers a private setting, and gives 100% to each client. Call today or fill in the form below, and we can set up your free consultation. 925-245-0194