Chris’s compassion for people has led her to specialize in Cranial Prosthetic’s for patients who have hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, burns, Alopecia Areata, genetics and more.

As a member of the American Hair Loss Council, Chris has become a part of a World Wide Group of professional hair replacement therapists and plastic surgeons, who offer ethical services and products and provide unbiased education for people experiencing hair loss.

Chris is a trained artist in the hair replacement business. For the person who wants more than just coverage, but a style that reflects who you are, giving you more confidence, dignity, and great style, Chris is the professional you want to work with.


At Chris for Hair, you can expect: 

  • The relentless pursuit of perfection.
  • A free, no-obligation hair-loss and scalp evaluation.
  • Discreet, patient, and dignified confidential services.
  • A highly trained and experienced hair-loss specialist. Chris has served clients for over thirty years.
  • Professional, one-on-one personal service.
  • A private building with no chance for exposure.
  • A business and personal philosophy that takes your confidentiality and privacy very seriously.
  •  Dealing with a specialist that’s been in business and continually growing since 1980.

We’re a different kind of hair restoration studio. 

There’s a reason that hair restoration has gotten a bad rap. The big-box hair clubs make their money by creating their own “store brand” solutions that mimic real advancements in hair restoration and prevention technology. Then they only give you access to their branded options, even if there’s a better solution on the market. Their quality control is internal, and they’re driven by volume. It’s easy to see who wins in that scenario. It’s definitely not about you.

In addition, most hair replacement studios try to lock you into a service contract where you must pay a set amount regardless of whether you actually need services or systems. We believe you are in the driver’s seat when your systems need replacing, if you want us to service you, we are happy to do so. Or, if you prefer to do your own attachments, we will teach you attachment methods you can use in the privacy of your home. We have many clients that order from us, have us cut the system(s) in, and since they live a distance from us, have regular hair cuts near their home. What ever works for you is what we want to give you.

We are accountable to you. 

You’ve seen how a big business works. The people at the top really get it, and the people below them understand less and less. At Chris for Hair, we’re not driven by volume. Cutting corners isn’t an option. We won’t shuffle you around to a different technician or stylist every time you come into our studio. We are a smaller, privately owned company with access to every major supplier in the US and abroad. We are not limited to one company’s product offering so we can choose exactly the options and budget that work for the person .  As a committed hair-restoration professional, we build our success by focusing on you. Limiting beliefs and shareholder value don’t decide what works at Chris for Hair, you do.

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