Chris for Hair


To better serve you, we have added a complementary virtual consultation via Zoom. (to download the ZOOM app please go here.) You can download to your PC, or your phone.

If you would like an initial review of your hair loss situation, we would gladly do a preliminary review of your case through our Virtual Consultation. We treat your photos and personal information as highly confidential, and it will not be sold or shared with any third party. Submitting your details to Virtual Consultation is free.

As this is only a preliminary evaluation, Virtual Consultation does not take the place of a full, in-person consultation, which may also be necessary, but can give you some ideas of how we can help you.

To request an appointment for your Virtual Consultation, please read and accept the terms below and you will be taken to a page where you can give details of your hair loss and send pictures.


  1. Virtual Consultations are limited to people living within 100 miles of Modesto California.
  2. Virtual Consultations are offered as a service to help you determine if working with Chris for Hair will benefit you, and if non-surgical hair restoration is the right choice in managing your hair loss concerns.
  3. Virtual Consultations do not represent a provider/client relationship.
  4. Virtual Consultations are limited to 30 minutes, if you feel you need more time you will be charged our usual hourly rate of $45.00 per hour, invoiced and paid in advance via PayPal.
  5. Only 1 Virtual Consultation is allowed for each request by any person.