People experience falling hair for a variety of reasons. It can be profoundly disturbing. Here are 10 reasons your hair is falling. If you are seeing hair on your counter, floor or more in your brush, these tips can tell you more.

Hair growth cycle

It is normal to lose hair. Each day, we lose 50-100 hairs, which will grow back once the old hair is shed. This normal loss is called the “hair growth cycle.” Under normal growth cycles no more than ten percent of the hair is shed. However, if the hair is not shedding in the normal way, you may see that your hair is not as thick as it was, it also may become miniaturized, you may be on your way to needing more information or professional help.

Causes of hair loss:


As we grow older, the hair is not nourished as it was when we were young, and for some this results in hair thinning and loss. There may be some nutritional supports that claim to slow the process, but none have been proven effective.


The most common reason people lose hair is a genetic condition called Androgenic Alopecia. This condition may also be called male/female pattern baldness. This condition usually occurs later in life, but many report noticing hair loss in their late teens. It can be reversed with medications, and other treatments. The earlier one starts to address this baldness the better results.For more information go here for women

Cancer treatment

As we all know, treatment for cancer can result in hair loss. This is because chemotherapy slows the production of all cells in the body, and hair needs rapid turnover. About 60% of the people undergoing chemo lose their hair. The type and amount of chemo are factors as to whether you would lose your hair. The good news here is that once chemo is stopped, the hair will grow back. It may have a different texture that before treatment, but that usually reverses after two years. In a very small percentage of people having chemo, the hair does not grow back. For more information go here.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata is a condition brought on by changes in the immune system. Autoimmune conditions use your body’s reaction to foreign invaders to attack the body, in this case the hair follicles. It can be treated, but in many cases, treatment fails. This condition can also reverse itself spontaneously.

Scarring Alopecia

The medical name for this group of conditions is cicatricial alopecia. It is caused by inflammation in the follicles. Once the inflammation causes hair to fall, it can not grow back. There are treatments and catching it early can, in some cases, stop the scarring.More information on Alopecia can be found here

Thyroid disease

If your thyroid is off, this can lead to hair loss. It is reversible if the medication is appropriate. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the meds correct. 

Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia is the result of pulling the hair into unnatural positions, tight braids and ponytails, bonding hair systems to your head. If the issue is stopped early, the hair can grow back. If it continues it becomes another type of scarring Alopecia and the hair will not grow back. Always beware when considering hair extensions, bonding, or braiding the hair. For more information go here.