Hopefully this page will clarify some of the questions readers and callers have. If not, feel free to contact via email chris@chrisforhair.com, or phone:

(925) 245-0194. 

  1. Are you open today? I work by appointment only. To give a private session without interruptions I book limited appointments.  Since most of my clients are experiencing hair loss and it is an emotional experience, I give each client my undivided attention. I book appointments 7 days a week.
  2.  Can I come and buy/purchase a wig? I do carry inventory, and if I have something in stock that suits your needs, you are welcome to purchase. Most often I find that since there are so many products available, a consultation appointment helps me to understand you, and choose not just a product, but the perfect product for you as an individual. Having worked over 30 years in this industry, I have accounts with every distributor in the USA, and also connections abroad. Often people think they need one product, and because they do not have experience, they don’t  know that there may be other options. Having said that,  we may need to order. If the product comes in (usually less than 5 days) and it is not right for you, you are not obligated to buy it. This policy is for any stock product and does not apply to custom pieces.
  3. Are you expensive? I offer a complete range of products at all price levels. My focus is on giving you the least expensive option that I know will work in your case, and that I can make perfect for you. ALL hair replacement systems need adjustments to customize for your features. I do not charge extra to cut in, or do any other alterations needed.
  4. Why should I trust you and drive to see you? I have been in the hair replacement business and a licensed stylist longer than any other replacement service in Central California. I have excellent skills, good common sense, am not out to just sell you something, but to solve your issues in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. I do not require you buy from only one line as many studios do, and I don’t require any contracts. I am here to make this a pleasant experience for you and by reading my reviews here, you can read what other have said about me.
  5. Is it worth the effort or should I just buy online? The online market has changed many businesses. Sometimes we get lucky and like what we order, and sometimes not so much…Your appearance has a direct effect on how you feel about yourself. If we look good, we feel better. I believe that hair is one thing that it is worth the effort to get it right. Purchasing hair additions can actually save you time and money, and reduce your need to depend on hair salons. I am here to give you exactly what YOU want. While I do have clients I see regularly, I also have clients I see once a year, or even do business online and through the mail. Having owned a salon for over 12 years, with multiple employees, I know that the #1 complaint is that the stylist did not listen. Not only will I listen, I will go to the wall to make you happy.