Non-surgical hair restoration
on March 3, 2019

Non-surgical hair restoration, why I do what I do.

Since I am getting older now, and never want to quit working, I limit my appointments each day, so I also have the time/energy to do the cleaning, coloring, and repair of client’s hair. (and of course, still have a life) 

Today the phone rang when I was between appointments, and since I do not take calls when I am with clients, it was lucky that I was able to answer.  

A man was on the other end, he told me that he and his wife live in Sonora, (to my North,) but they were going to Modesto (to the East) to look at wigs for his wife who will be starting chemo soon. Since they were already in Modesto, I recommended they go to a wig store I know of that carries a large inventory of synthetic wigs. Knowing that vulnerable patients are often given poor advice, I tried to give him a few pointers, then told him that if they did not find something to call again and they could stop by on their way home.  

I had another client booked and knew that it would take them about 1 hour to get to my salon, and this gave me time to finish my other client and get cleaned up before they could get here. So, I finished client #2 and waited to see if they would call back. I had just about given up when they called back. I gave them the address and set about doing a few chores that needed my attention.  

The couple arrived, and I immediately realized that the wife, understandably was apprehensive. I doubted I would have a wig in stock for her because she had long, almost black hair and she wanted to look as much as possible the same with the wig as she had naturally.  

First, in a cancer situation, I always recommend a synthetic wig. Knowing that the patient will be not feeling great during treatment, the last thing they need is to learn to style a human hair wig, and good ones are very expensive. But also, just telling someone this is usually not enough to make them understand the commitment that human hair requires. So, I started with this client by showing her a very good quality human hair wig. Immediately she realized that this would not do for her, it would just require too much work. My second choice was a good color for her, but I thought it would be too short. I put it on her head and could see her relax a bit. The wig looked good, but I wanted to be sure that I could not do better if I ordered a longer one for her. We tried several others, and all agreed the second wig was right for her.  

We got lucky. This wig was very inexpensive and really looked even better than her real hair. Since the wig was shorter than her existing hair, I offered to cut her hair. I cut her hair to the length of the wig, then put the wig back on her head, and showed her how to anchor it until she actually lost her hair. 

She went out looking fabulous, feeling so much better about needing a wig, and very grateful. 

Tonight, on Youtube, a speaker was promoting his new book, but also gave a message about how he had experienced depression, and how he came back from that. Part of his message was to find a way that makes you feel you are doing worthwhile activities that impact other people. I thought about this, and since I need to keep my life simple because of health issues, I tend to keep to myself. I have 2 horses and 2 dogs, a large property that I take care of, and my business. While I do have friends, I am not one to make big plans with them.  

 After thinking a bit, I realized that my gift with hair replacement does change and saves lives. Besides providing hair, it is a very personal business where people need to tell me the story behind their hair loss, and this opens the door for me, because most of what people tell me, I have experienced myself. (One benefit of being old)  

This being the case, I have a unique understanding of how the person feels. Usually, in a short time, I have made a new friend, the client feels good about him/her self, and one cannot ask for a more rewarding place to be in life.  

Tonight, I will go to bed feeling grateful because I know that for at least two of my three clients today, feel better because we connected. Tomorrow I have another new client booked, a man that has been shaving his head to disguise his hair loss. Hopefully I can make him happy too.  

Will write his story if it is memorable. Good night! 


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