We offer high quality hair replacement products that are amazingly realistic, affordable, and are easy care.

Should you decide to purchase online, keep in mind that the system will also need a “cut-in” and many providers charge up to $250.00 for this service. Also, cutting in a system is quite different than giving a regular hair cut and remember, the hair will not grow back if the cut is off and does not blend well.

At Chris for Hair, the price given is all inclusive.

Meaning the unit, cut-in, attachment, and instruction for where to go from there. Please understand that using a hair system has a learning curve to apply successfully and we are here to help you.

We believe in empowering our clients so they are not at the mercy of unscrupulous vendors. In addition, because this industry is rising in popularity, there are many vendors that are only looking to take your money.  If you read their copy, very often you can tell that the company is not an American distributor, and right now, this brings up issues. Because of Covid, getting products, especially custom products, has become quite challenging. We have reliable contacts here in the USA, China, and Germany.

Now, having said all that, what hair replacement products are necessary and how do you take the best care possible? Here is a page that tells very well how to use hair replacement product to their best advantage and keep your hair looking it’s best: care

What about Transplants?

First, be aware that most people experiencing hair loss  are not candidates for transplants. You have to have enough “donor hair” to make a transplant successful, and even though you still may have hair that possibly could be used, it becomes lesser quality as time goes on. In addition, Transplants are expensive, usually one is not enough, and there are no guarantees. For more information about transplants go here: Info on transplants.