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Hair loss and balding are part of what we expect to experience as we age, however today we are seeing many more young people than in the past that choose to do something about their hair loss. This may in part be due to the barriers coming down regarding wearing hair that is not your own. Yesterday’s taboo is today’s hot trend! 

When a younger man or woman discovers he or she is losing hair, they are much more apt to seek answers than previous generations. And they are much more excited to try out the newest options. This is both good and bad. While the options for replacing hair are more realistic and comfortable than in the past, one must practice due diligence in choosing which method to try. Many, if not most methods of replacing hair, actually are the cause for the problem, not the solution.  

This is particularly relevant for women, as most female hair loss is not considered permanent and the loss in many cases is not clean to the scalp, but a gradual thinning of the hair. Also, women’s hair loss can be due to numerous causes, but 95% of men’s hair loss is genetic and irreversible.  

Many hair replacement centers today treat both men and women in the same basic way, shave the top and glue or tape a hair system to it. While this is an effective and realistic option, over time hair follicles that might have been able to grow hair are killed off and stop producing hair, thus producing a lifelong client for the center.  

Interesting how marketing works, centers start by providing a solution to a need, then continue to perpetuate the problem and create a client that it totally dependent upon the center. The client perceives the professional as their savior when in fact it is the provider/professional that is at the root of the problem.  

At Chris for Hair we believe all clients should have a complete understanding of all the pro’s and con’s of a potential solution before making the commitment to trying a new hair addition. For example, one of the latest offerings for women is to have a “silk top” which is a method used in manufacturing that truly makes the hair in the system look as if it is growing from the scalp. But this method also creates bulk at the top of the system that many clients may not want. During the consultation if we suggest a silk top, we also show the effect of laying not one, but three layers to the scalp, and let the client decide if that is the look they want.  

Hair replacement is not a one size fits all issue. Each prospective client brings different issues to the table. It is our job to sort things out, find the proper solution, then  present the solution in such a way as to make the client believe they look fabulous in their new hair.

We can not be successful if we don’t care and just want to sell product. We can’t be successful unless we know the entire market, not just one product line. And we can not be successful unless we know the client very well.

Our job, as we see it is to provide solutions that work well in a particular situation, at a price normal people can afford, and that look amazingly realistic. Every day we search the market to see if there might be something we may have not seen previously but that may work for our clients. To be honest, all replacement companies have access to the same “new” products, but many do not follow through with testing these solutions to see if they in fact do the job they are meant to do. We do. We believe that every time a client walks out our door, our name is on their appearance. Good or bad, it is our work they will be wearing. So we constantly strive to create beautiful hair additions that will also hold up to normal styling and living.

Non-surgical hair restoration has come of age! You no longer need worry that someone will know, that you can’t afford great work, or that the studio/salon is just out to get your money. At Chris for hair YOU are center stage.

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